Friday, 6 February 2015

I Cant Find The Irony.

*Post tomorrow or Sunday to make up for Friday, (this ones for Wednesday). Sorry team, I've started a new job (which I hate so much) and it killing my desire to write a bit! Don't worry, it'll come back, I think they are transferring me soon! 

“Now first things first, I expect you all to be in black for the funeral. None of this new trend of colours at a funeral, ghastly if you ask me. I mean it’s a nice sentiment but black is my favourite most flattering colour (Ed don’t you dare correct me and tell me black isn’t a colour), today it about honoring me right? There is plenty of other days for bright reds and oranges (except you James, we’ve all wanted to tell you for a while that the dark orange polar you insist on wearing doesn’t do you any favours) but for this day I want black.” I chuckled lightly as I read mums letter out loud to my brothers who were sitting around the table looking up at me expectantly. Just as they had for the last three days.
The boys and I came home to get the house ready for dad, while Lillian and john waited at the hospital and promised to report any news. George and I set up the sofa bed for dad in the den, we knew he wouldn’t be quiet ready to go into the room he and mum shared. God shared sounds so final doesn’t it?

While Ed and James stood near the front door clearly at a loss of what to do I got sheets, blankets and pillows ready for dad’s homecoming.

George and I finished in the den and went to stand with the others. “This is going to be weird for a long time.” I said, referring to the fact we were in mum’s house and mum was no longer here with us.
James pulled me into his side, “Anna. What are we going to do?” All three of them looked at me, hoping I would have some sort of answer.

“Well today we are going to go pick dad up, we are going to make sure he is ok. Then we have to make phone calls. Lots of them. After that I don’t know, we will take each day as it comes to us, ok?” I said.

“Yes, ok. We should probably start with some phone calls.” George said.

“I’ll call grandma, grandpa and Aunty Bertie.” I said referring to dad’s parents and sister.

“I’ll call Liz.” Ed said. Who was mums best friend, “Unless Lillian’s already done it…?”

“Will wait for Liz, George will you call the staff? Let Mick know what’s happened and ask him to be in charge for the next week or so.” I said referring to Dads long time employee who stepped up a few times for manager. George nodded and headed to the safety of the den to call them, I think he was grateful for a job.

“What should I do?” James asked. I looked up at him, utter desperation painted his face. “Why don’t you call Will’s parents?”

We all headed in different directions to do our assigned jobs. My grandparents were crying on the phone, insisting Bertie would drive them today or they would get the first bus over. They were concerned about dad but they said he was in the best place he could be and a sleep is probably not a bad idea for him.

We met back outside the front of the house, all of us a little weaker because of the calls we had to just make.

“Let’s go back.” I said and we all bundled in the car.

The grief was over whelming, but I still hadn’t really cried yet. The irony wasn’t lost on me.

*I had a commenter ask how old I am, I am 21! How old do you think I am dear commenter? :)

Sunday, 1 February 2015

My Life Is Someone’s Idea of an awful Joke

“You’ve got to be KIDDING me.” Marie said, barely able to contain her giggles.

“I don’t know what you did in a past life but it must have been BAD.” Will agreed.

“Guys.” Nick warned, he looked very concerned at this recent change of events. Probably because he realised if I had to hear his ex-girlfriend complain anymore about this assignment we would never 
have sex again.

I had assumed it might be all be smooth sailing, she was surprisingly easy when we diving it all up. But since then she had somehow got my mobile number and hadn’t stop texting, facebooking and asking me questions at school. She had an ulterior motive, the assignment wasn’t that hard and she was still being quiet pleasant but something wasn’t quite right.

The other two took that as their cue to leave, Nick and I were sitting in the library, both trying to do our respective assignments. I took this as the opportunity to bring up something that had been bothering me for a while.

“You know we both have the rest of the day free, we could go back to my house and get a little weird.” Nick whispered into my ear biting it gently, it was tempting to take him up on his offer and forget about what I was about to ask him.

“What did you ever see in Millie?” I asked changing the subject rather dramatically.
Nick looked shocked, “Ummm do you really want to talk about this?” He asked rubbing the back of his neck in nervous habit.

“Yes.” I said seriously.

“Ah well I thought she was pretty gorgeous, she was smart, funny but that was before it all went down…”

I looked down at my books, trying to regain composure, I suppose I shouldn’t have ask for answers I wasn’t ready to hear.

“Hey.” Nick said putting a finger under my chin to drag my tear filled eyes to meet his.

“I’m sorry.” He said.

“No, no. Please don’t apologise, I wanted to know. I…I don’t know why I wanted to know to be honest.” I said snuffling.

“Anna, as gorgeous and smart and funny as I thought she was, you surpass what I ever felt for her times 1000.” He said.

“Yes, but you didn’t see me for so long Nick. I was right here desperately pining for you, like an idiot, and you were seeing her. I am sorry but she is the she devil.” I said trying to keep my voice low but failing miserably, tears that were threating to spill over began to.

“I think about it every day Anna. I think about the fact we could have been together ages ago…but I keep coming back to the same thing. I do not regret anything that has happened, sure I would have preferred if certain things with Millie didn’t happen, but Anna I am so in love with you. You are so much more then I could have ever imagined for myself…but I may not have appreciated how fantastic you are and how lucky am that you are you, and that you slum around with a guy like me.” 

He finished his little speech and I just wrapped my arms around him and I buried my face into his neck and he just held me.

“I am very lucky too you big softie.” I said pulling back and kissing him gently.

“Lets go.” He said pulling me up from the table. 

Friday, 30 January 2015

Who Did I Piss Off To Deserve This?

Will, Marie, Nick and I were sitting in the cafeteria trying to work out our plans for the weekend.
“Why don’t we go to the beach?” I suggested excitedly, nudging Nick, I knew his aunty had a beach house she rarely used.

“Yes!” Nick agreed excitedly, “I think mums over the whole sex thing she will probably let us go.”

“Hey.” I said shouldering him, even though we had both obviously spoken to Marie and Will about us having sex it didn’t need to be spoken about at lunch.
He held his hands up in defeat, giving me his goofy, playful smile before planting a kiss right on my lips.

“Ew, you guys are being extra coupley today.” Marie said looking at us a little disgustedly.

“Sorry.” I said smiling and holding Nick’s hand underneath the table.

“Beach weekend sounds delightful!” Will said mimicking something I’d say. I shot him a look.

“So we are going to have a fabulous weekend just the four of us?” Marie asked.

“Yes!” I said punching in the air excitedly. “Now you my charming boyfriend go beg your parents 
and offer them whatever you have to.”

“Yes ma’am.” He said saluting me and heading in the direction of the car park, the lucky bugger did not have any classes this afternoon.

The rest of us went our separate ways. I sat through my afternoon classes, dreamily looking out the window when suddenly I was snapped back into consciousness, “So that leaves Millie and Anna together.”

“Excuse me?” I said practically breaking my neck I turned so fast.

“No. No way in HELL.” Millie practically yelled, something we could agree on.

“No choice unfortunately.” Mr. Donnelly said, I think he exists purely to torture his students.

“Sir we can’t work together.” I said seriously, everyone in the class was watching me and Millie face off.

“I WILL NOT work with her.” Millie said with a sour look on face.

“Well then you WILL fail.” Mr. Donnelly said, which would have been quiet funny had it not been 
directed at us.

After class I stayed behind to talk some sense into my teacher, Millie had beaten me to it.

“Why is it so detrimental to both of you that you don’t work together on this project?” He asked us.

“She fucked my boyfriend.” Millie pointed in my direction.

“I am not Millie…we are in a relationship....” I explained to Mr. Donnelly's raised eyebrows .

“Screw you.” Millie said.

“Fuck off Millie.” I retorted maturely. 

“STOP. Unless you guys get out of my sight in the next 2 seconds I will be sending you to the principal’s office. I suggest you figure a way to work it out.” Mr. Donnelly said walking straight out the classroom door.

Millie and I were both silent for a few seconds, “Look maybe we should just divide it up, and we can meet next week and combine both of our parts. That way it’s done early and we don’t have to worry about it.” I said trying to keep the bite out of my voice.

“Ok fine, what parts do you want to do?” She said, pulling the assignment sheet out.

It was surprisingly easy to divide up the assignment, and we agreed next Wednesday we were going to combine them. The assignment was due the following Monday so it would be ready in lots of time. 

I am a little nervous at our easy it seems to be going, but we shall see how Wednesday goes.